Introducing RESTEasyCLI


RESTEasyCLI is a handy command-line tool to interact with REST or JSON API servers. It provides a command-line interface to RESTEasy library which is basically a wrapper around the popular Requests library customised to serve specifically as a generic REST API client.

Who should use it

Anyone who prefers a command-line tool over GUI apps, but when it comes to API testing or doing repetitive queries to an API server, has to give up on their favourite shell.

The domain of REST clients doesn't have to be dominated by GUI apps anymore.

This tool gives you the power to use advanced features offered by popular REST clients at the convenience of your terminal.

Try an interactive demo

You can try an interactive demo to have a glimpse of it's most useful features.

This demo will create a virtual python environment inside your home directory and install this tool there. Then it will create a workspace for the demo in your home directory and walk you through the most useful features step by step.

Important: This demo only works on unix/mac machines and requires Python 3.x and virtualenv to be installed.

Just copy and paste following commands on your terminal or download this script from here and execute it.

curl -L -o
chmod +x

If you have already installed this tool and don't want to create new virtual environment, run demo with skipinstall argument like below.

./ skipinstall